Giant alien humanoid spotted at Antarctic Research Station

A webcam mounted in Antarctic caught something very strange near a research station. That video shows us a mysterious giant alien humanoid.

Paranormal Crucible has uploaded it on May 17, 2018. It has racked up more than 6,000 hits.

He claims:

Very interesting webcam footage which appears to show a very tall humanoid looking figure standing next to a regular sized person. When I first spotted this anomaly I immediately thought it was a child, but after researching the official site, no children are allowed at the base, its off limits to everyone except the scientific crew who live at the station, which includes both women and men. I have estimated the size of this person to be around 12 feet in height, and the mystery figure also appears to be wearing light clothing which I find very odd as its extremely cold in the Antarctic. The smaller figure which i believe is female, appears to be average size, and is clearly wearing clothing to combat the cold weather, which is standard issue at the base. Could the giant figure be an Alien Humanoid?


, 10th June 2018