Disc-shaped UFO appeared over Hamedan, Iran

On June 2, 2018, a witness has taken a picture of a disc-shaped UFO flying over Hamedan, in Iran. What is it?

Witness report:

I was in domestic trip in Hamedan,Iran and I was taking photos of nature and my wife.

I did not see anything at moment because I was looking the nature and did not know what captured in my photo. When I was reviewing the photos at home I found a photo with this object.

I just see a point in my cell phone and when I zoomed the picture I saw something in disk shape no similarity with birds, airplanes or other objects.

As I wrote above, I did not notice that at the moment I found It in my photos, in one photo. It was a thin disk shape with something in white under the object.

After I found the object in one of my photos I was feeling happiness and a little bit wondering because I am researching and thinking about foreign objects which sited in Earth and I believe about other intelligence life out of our solar system. I am a UFO researcher but never see something like that before.

I remember where exactly took the photo but I actually taking picture by using my cell phone Samsung A7 from the natures and did not notice the object at the time I was there.


, 17th June 2018