Alien seen inside a secret base in 1988 in Soviet Union

In 1988, a former KGB agent working from Moscow saw an alien inside a sercret underground base…

UFO Today explains on the video published on June 8, 2018:

Back on 1988 a former KGB agent was called in to go to a secret underground base in the Sovjet Union. Once he entered the building he noticed that there were a lot of closed doors. He heard alien sounds coming from the closed doors. He was told that his guides would have to put on protective suits in order to keep them safe from alien radiation. Once he entered the room, he immediately knew he was facing an extraterrestrial being. It seemed to be contacting him in a telepathic way. It kept telling him to release him or the others would come and get him.

He released this footage to the UFO today in order to get the truth out there. He told me that this was one encounter he had to record but he had a lot more similar recordings which he promised to release in time…


, 09th June 2018