A silver flying saucer shot over Burley Village

On April 22, 2017, a witness was walking in the woods in Burley Village, Great Britain when he caught a picture of a silver disc-shaped UFO without seeing it…

Witness statement:

We were walking in the New Forest woods with our dog Alfie and I was taking a series of photographs as we did our walk. In this particular shot I called out to my partner at the time that I had captured his hat in the photo so I was not looking into the sky and neither was my partner. I was taking a picture of the tree of which the next photo shops the recess in that tree where I stood and rested my back and my partner sat on the ground beside that tree.

When I got all the pictures home and up loaded them onto my laptop from my camera I observed the object. I showed my partner and questioned him about any noise at the time. We both did not see the object or heard anything loud or noise. All I can remember was the birds singing and it being a lovely sunny afternoon stroll in the New Forest near Burley.

The photo was taken with a Canon Power shot SX10 HS 1/1250 sec f/3.2 4.5mm

160B ISO size 5184 x 2912

I have the full sequence of photos taken before and after


, 14th June 2018