Three identical UFO seen over Lathrop, California

On May 23, 2018, a witness spotted three bright objects with varying degrees of altitude over Lathrop, California. They were similar in siez, shape and colore.

Eyewitness statement:

Out for evening walk, heading south, as I approached a street corner to turn west, I noticed the first object above my head over the street light at about 45 degrees above horizon. I took the first photo. As I turned the corner, it came lower and I took the second. As I approached the next street corner to the west, I noticed the second object descending from approx 60 degrees above horizon to approx 45 degrees above elementary school, took another photo. As I continued walking north I noticed the 1st object at higher elevation behind be. While second object seemed to hover and then follow a northerly path at my pace. It stopped when I stopped at stop signs. Then as I approached the city hall, I noticed the first helicopter approaching from the north west, flashing blue and red lights at slow speed and was joined by another helicopter coming from the south east. Both helicopters flew adjacent to one another and flew south and then turned to head north to approach the object from behind and beneath. Before continuing north. I stopped to watch the encounter and then when the helicopters flew north out of sight, or turned off lights, I continued walking north. The object continued as well, at my pace.

As I approached the light signal, the object briefly accelerated and then stopped at the next corner. When I caught up, I had a thought come to my mind to walk into the large field to my west. Which I did.. the object descended over the field, and I took the 4th photo. It hovered and pulsatesd there for a couple minutes before I noticed the helicopters approaching again from the north. This time the helicopters flew low and then quickly ascended to approach the object and then I could really tell the scale of the object which dwarfed the two helicopters. The helicopters flew back to the north and east and the object remained stationary. It was then that I noticed the first object was still behind me, but at approx 60 degrees and south on the horizon. And a 3rd object near 90 degrees on the south east. I took one last photo of the second object as it brightened before continuing on a north path and I headed home.


, 29th May 2018