There were giants people among Native Americans

In 1889, the newspaper New York Times posted that Giants are Native American Indians. All religious writings talked to us about these mysterious people. Who were they?

Ufo Sightings Footage exposes an interesting theory:

They were very big people back then because as everyone knows way back in time people generally were smaller overall so these MUST of been like the biggest humans on Earth (possibly?) Here is a link to our source of research, it makes fascinating reading, especially the headline? It's not like it's us calling these Giants, it's people from over a hundred years ago calling these Humans GIANTS! It's true, they were Giants and they probably still have descendants living on Earth somewhere? After a little mixing, they may, may have lost the Giant making genes? Is it a theory only? What do you think guys? Was there really Indian Giants living in North America?

Ancient Giants have been found all over the world and to say they don't exist is an understatement yes? They've got bones and skulls etc from literally everywhere on the globe so please if you don't mind "they did exist and yes they are still on the planet"?


, 27th May 2018