Stationary UFO over Münster, Germany, on summer 2003

In summer 2003, a man and his girlfriend have seen very bright and stationary UFO in the sky over Münster, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, during 45 minutes.

Witness report:

In summer 2003 (June or July) me and my girlfriend at that time observed a very bright object in the NNE and about 15° over the horizon from my living place at that time in the near of Münster.

We were just sitting in the garden, when we discovered this thing while looking into the sky. This happened in very nice daylight shortly after noon. Only some clouds (Altocumulus or Cumulus) were moving in the sky.

Because the object didn´t move I first thought this could only be a balloon, but it didn´t really looked like one. Observing it for 5 minutes I decided to put my camera (Revueflex 1001 with 600 mm Soligor) on my tripod and to bring this object into the center of the viewfinder. I had to diapositives left on my film and made two fotos with different and dark exposure.

After that I frequently looked into the viewfinder to check if it had made any movement - it didn´t. Because of a nice fresh wind on that day I was surprised about this. When clouds passed the object they were in front of it. So this thing was in greater distance and also higher altitude.

The object stayed on its position for about 45 minutes. Then we had to leave because of a private date. When I came back later, it was gone (I hadn´t removed my tripod with the camera.

After the film was developed, I made scans of the two pictures (with a simple scanner) and worked out Photoshop-variations of brightness, contrast etc.

On the fotos for me it looks like a triangular parallel to the earth surface. On the second darker foto the center looks more bright then the rest of the object. A light in the center ?

With the naked eye it looked like venus in the night. But Venus can´t stay in the center of the viewfinder for such long time.

Source, 12th May 2018