Silvery UFO with reflective surface over Wilhelmshaven

On March 20, 2018, a witness caught a picture of a solid unidentified silvery object with reflective surface over Wilhelmshaven, in northeast Germany, at the Eurogate Container Terminal.

Witness statement:

I have been visiting my uncle and aunt with my mother in Wilhelmshaven.

A coastal town situated in northeastern Germany on the west side of the Jade Bight, which is a Bay at the the North Sea.

On March the 20th, 2018 on the forenoon, my uncle, aunt, my mother and I made a sightseeing tour through Wilhlemshaven and the surrounding area.

I was sitting with my mother on the backseats of the car a Mercedes Kompressor (my mother on the left side and me on the right side) and my uncle drove and next to my uncle sat my aunt.

We where visiting the Eurogate Container Terminal as next destination.

I took several pictures of the area, while we where driving.

From the big Container ship on the dock and the cranes which where loading and unloading containers and all kinds of cargo and from the rails where the trains transport parts of the containers to other destinations.

I shot the photos with my Samsung Galaxy A5 mobile phone.

As i looked at the pictures in the evening on the same day i have noticed an unidentified object which i have have not noticed when i took the pictures from the rails.

I wanted to shoot a few more photos at this particularly moment, but i thought that there would be nothing special on it only rails and fence and blue sky, although i wanted to take a few more.

Unfortunately have not shot a few more after the photo with the object on it.

I pressed the button on the mobile phone in very short intervals (in seconds).

That is the reason why the time is on the first three photos and the fourth photo with the object on it all the same.

It was 11:19 pm when i took the pictures.

The object looks like a solid craft which is silver in color and with a reflective surface. The sun is reflected from the object`s surface.

The shape looks cone-topped or something like that.

If you look at the picture it also looks like the object is emitting some kind of force field under it.

The fence is in the middle partially invisble, displaced and multipled and the rails look displaced, too.

Also the contrail above the fence looks the same displaced.

I attached the relevant photos including maps where i took the pictures.

Should it be helpful regarding gathering moe information for this incident than I have no problem if i remain not anonymous as long as it i useful and meaningful.

You can contact me for further questions and informations.

When you analyze the pictures i would be very glad if you could contact me and send me the results what you have found out.

You have much better technology and equipment to analyse the photos i have taken.

(I have had Ufo sightings as a child at home in Sauerlach/Lanzenhaar where i live and i had not long ago this year also photographed an unidentified object near my home. I will make a seperate report with pictures i have taken from it.)


Source, 24th May 2018