Silver UFO caught over Fountain Hills on May 26, 2018

A witness living in Fountain Hills, Arizona has caught an eerie picture when he was home. In fact, on image, he discovered a silver cigar-shaped UFO in the far left. According to him, he insisted it was not a bird…

Witness report:

Sitting in my Ramada watching the late afternoon sky . I saw a silver cigar shaped object in the sky it was vertical. The sky was hazy so the object would fade in and out. So I took 4 very quick pictures to see if I could capture it.

When I opened the pictures nothing , Till I got to the third picture, at first I thought a bird flew in then I opened it all the way it looks almost horseshoe dark in the front and silver or gray towards the back . It was there for a split second no noise I was unaware it was there at all because I was focused on another object to my far left . Which I could catch.

I almost feel like I was supposed to get this shot.


, 30th May 2018