Shape-changing UFO caught over Orem, Utah

A weird UFO was filmed over Orem, Utah. This incredible object was changing shape regularly. What is it?

Video was posted on May 3, 2018 on YouTube by The Hidden Underbelly 2.0. He claims:

This footage comes from riley goodman when he and his buddy saw this object in the sky and he states that a huge black, half clocked ufo, 400ft long or approx. 8 semi trucks worth. Hovered over I-15 then corckscrewed up as it shaped into a half circle then a solid bar before flying North West. Watched it power up for over 20 min. The black object was like a side wall while u could see an invisibility about it that had the shape of a diamond then changed to a circle then a straight line / bar....

Source, 08th May 2018