Morphing T-shaped UFO over Fort Worth, Texas

On April 30, 2018, a witness living in Fort Worth, Texas, observed a T-shaped unidentified object flying near his home. He claims that UFO changed shape many times during the span of two minutes.

Witness report:

I was sitting on the back porch watching clouds move in. Saw the object in the sky and grabbed camera to video. Got an almost 2minute video of the object as it moved with the wind north to south. Can not judge size or height but guessing maybe 500-1000 feet up. At first, I assumed it must have just been a balloon since it made no sound and seemed to be carried with the strong winds at the time. After viewing the video, I am no longer convinced it was a balloon. The object changed shape many times in the 2mins. I captured about 30-40 of the images from still images in the video and quickly threw it up on youtube.

Since the event happened, my wife and I have been debating what it was. She feels like it was just a mylar balloon in the shape of a letter T. Just based on looking at the still images I have seen so far... I can't agree with her. It clearly changes shape and the proportions for the basic T shaped object change dramatically. I am still going thru the still images from the video (there are over 1000 so will take me a while). I wanted to go ahead and post up on mufon to see if anyone else has seen a similar object in the DFW area.

Source, 02th May 2018