Lita comments on her obsession with UFOs

Amy Dumas, better known as Lita, was interviewed on Spooky Southcoast. The professional wrestler talket about her own paranormal experiences…

Lita on her obsession with UFOs:

I’ll sit down and listen to somebody, I’ll watch a crappy YouTube video of somebody at a conference, where you can barely hear the audio, on a specific case because I’m interested. And I understand that can be alienating to people…Sometimes people can get pretty intense on the topic of UFOs.

Lita on her approach with the UFO’SHO’:

It can be too much for people, and that was not the approach I wanted to take at all. I just wanted to have a fun, lighthearted thing, like to just vlog out a couple of ‘food for thought’ items’ and if it resonates with you, that information is really readily available to absorb as you’re ready for it.

Lita on her UFO experience in Sedona:

We had Gen-3 military goggles…and we saw multiple things we couldn’t identify.

Lita on her ghost experience:

My home in Atlanta was built in 1924…and it butts up to an old historic cemetery…when I first moved in, I had my stations on my satellite radio programmed. I had the punk rock station, and I had this 40s music station like Lawrence Welk, just chill, this was my relaxing music and punk is my get stuff done music. I would put it on, and every time I would do it, it would change to the 40s music. I thought it was maybe faulty wiring. The guy next door, his grandfather built the entire street and is buried in the cemetery…I did the thing, I said ‘Hey John, I’m Amy, I bought your house and I love it, and I’m going to take great care of it, you’re welcome to spend more time in your home and stay here and I will respect your home and space, so please respect my space and not change the music and not hide my keys. Let me take the reigns here.’ And I found his gravestone, put some flowers down, said the same thing and haven’d had the problem since then.

Lita on who in the WWE gave her a hard time about UFOs:

I was sitting at the WWE catering table, and The Miz sat down. I think I had a pin on my jacket, a UFO pin, and he said, ‘What is that, UFOs? You think they’re real? You think there’s green men flying around? What do you think about it? Why do you have that pin?’ And I said, ‘Would you like to know why I have this pin, now that you’ve told me why I have it? I went on this tour in Sedona, and this is what I saw, and it started to interest me.’ And he started nay-saying me. But then Kalisto sits down, and I said let’s have him weigh in, because I knew he was from Mexico City, so I said watch this, like I already knew, ‘Hey Manny, ever see a UFO or anything like that in the sky?’ And he said ‘Oh yeah, yeah, on the baseball field at practice we’d see stuff all the time.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, Mexico City, it’s a hotspot man.’ And then a photographer sat down and I said, ‘Have you seen anything?’ and he said ‘Oh yeah, driving in between here and LA. So all of a sudden, the Miz became the minority. He went from calling me the outcast or the freak, to all of a sudden, Miz is outnumbered.

Source, 23th May 2018