Glowing UFO caught in California on September 2014

Two years ago, a family was traveling on a road in Sequoia National Park, California. After they parked, they caught pictures where is appeared a bright UFO

Witness report:

On September 04, 2016 while station in California my family and I embarked on a road trip to the Sequoia National Park. During our return I pulled my RV over to the side of the road and took several pictures of the beautiful land scape. The pictures were saved in our home computer.

On May 25, 2018, while reviewing thousands of pictures for a family photo album noted strange lights at the top of the pictures. I thought the lights in the photos were a reflection of the sun in the camera lens as pictures were taken with an iPhone camera without a UV light filter. I was going to delete the pictures and suddenly noted a circular pattern of the lights and a disc like shape shadow. The light pattern is composed of an outside 09 lights outer circle and 06 lights inner circle. The outside lights are surrounded by a circular shadow. Further review of the photographs demonstrated a chronological time line from the first time the disc like shape object appeared on the photographs until it disappeared (timeline below). The object appears in three different pictures. By noting the time when the picture were taken and the position of the sun (to my right) I can only deduct the object had a flight pattern from West to East. Also the sun had little or no effect on the pictures as it never enter into focus. Additionally to the already mention you can see a banking type turn of the flying object in relation to the background.


Source, 25th May 2018