Glowing missile-shaped UFO spotted in Kentucky

On May 23, 2018, a weird missile-shaped UFO was photographed somewhere in Kentucky. It was flying throughout the sky with no sound.

Witness report:

My family and I were outside around 7:30pm EST. My 5 yr old was looking up at the moon when he shouted what is that. We looked up and seen this object flying over and there was no sound. We took pictures and I thought for sure it was a plane, but upon zooming in I didn’t see any wings and looked like a missle shape or blimp shape. It wasn’t going fast enough to be a blimp. Then about 2 minutes later we seen a second one fly over. I just want your opinion on what this could be. I am sending 2 pictures, one is original and the other one is zoomed in.

Source, 24th May 2018