Dozens of black UFOs spotted over Wat Ban Rai temple

On September 2017, dozens of UFO suddenly appeared over the famous Wat Ban Rai temple, in Korat, Thailand.

The son of witness claims:

Firstly, I'd like to clarify that I was not the witness to this event, my father witnessed it and, due to both his ineptitude at IT and ignorance of where to submit this kind of account, gave the story and the photo to me.

My father, who lives in Korat, Thailand, and his (Thai) wife had gone to the large Buddhist temple at Wat Ban Rai to allow his wife to pray. Whilst she was inside praying he had sat outside and was engaged in conversation with a young monk, in somewhat broken English. My father claims it was quite difficult to follow the young monk's dialogue but remembers certain phrases he said like "the devil wears many faces, be careful he doesn't wear yours", after what he imagined was 5 or 10 minutes his wife emerged from within the temple and apologised for taking so long (apparently it was closer to 30-40 minutes that had passed). When my father tried to introduce his wife to the monk he found that the monk had gone, he thought it slightly odd but spared no more thought beyond that.

As they were leaving the site and crossing over the bridge he turned to look back at the temple and saw a handful of spheres hovering, almost stationary, around the temple. He claims that they were 'phasing' in and out of his vision and he even said he "rubbed his eyes to try and dispel the effect". He directed his wife's vision toward the temple to show her what was transpiring but she couldn't see anything, so, he got her to take a picture of the temple instead. The photo included is the one that was taken. He claims that he could not see nearly as many spheres that were included in the picture and that his wife, and the handful of people nearby seemed completely unable to see these spheres as he was doing.

I can't verify the approximate size of the orbs, nor can my father as he struggled to see them himself, but, if you correlate the included photo with one from the Internet depicting the Korat temple it may give an indication to an estimable size of the objects.

As a postscript, my father has absolutely no skill with anything related to a computer and so could not 'photoshop' this image, nor would he be inclined to fabricate this story for any purpose whatsoever. They are not balloons of any kind and were not visible (as far as he knows) to anyone beyond himself, exactly why they appear in the photo is unknown, but certainly proves it was no hallucination. Make what you will of it.

Source, 09th May 2018