Circular-shaped UFO over the Pyrenees, in southern France

On May 4, 2018, a witness was in a cable car over the Pyrenees, in southern France. Inside, he caught a picture a bright circular-shaped UFO. Two others persons snapped this strange object.

Witness report:

Some circle of light different from anykind of chromatic aberration it could happen in a photography. Two person registered the moment with different cameras. Nothing is wrong with the exif of the photos. The circle of light came from up to down near top tree.And it seems to have some sort of triangle pattern with the movement of lights being part of it.

This sight happened in Pirinéus, France and the photography was captured from a cabinet teleferic in the mountains.

I believe the people who photographed it only noticed it after downloaded the photos from the camera.One of them got surprised and does not have a logic explanation for the sight and a UFO is a possibility to consider.

Source, 09th May 2018