An alien city found inside a crater on the Moon

On May 1, 2018, Scott C. Waring thinks to have found an alien city on Moon, inside the Reiner Crater.

He claims:

I found an alien city (non reflective black material) inside a what looks like a crater, but is actually alien made to hide it. At the center of the city is a glowing orb. The city is made of massive black tunnels the move in every direction but they very in size from 2km wide to a few hundred meters wide. Below this mass of black structures is more of the city, which is sealed underground. Ever hear the story of Atlantis and how at the center of the city was a great diamond which was the power source for the entire culture? Perhaps Atlantis never sank, but instead flew to another planet, where we see it now.

Source, 03th May 2018