A radar tracked UFO in Florida on May 1978

On May 14, 1978, a radar tracked mysterious UFO over Ocala National Forest at Pinecastle Bombing Range, Florida.

Witness report:

Accounts are from articles on Pinecastle Incident - The article reported that at 10 p.m., on May 14, 1978, the Pinecastle Duty Officer, Robert J. Clark, received a call from an anonymous woman, claiming to be at the Silver Glen campground, which is located on SR 19, south of Salt Springs, Florida. She asked if Pinecastle was using any flares that night. Clark answered, “There were no flares and the range was closed.”

At 10:10 pm, Rocky Morgan, a local fishing guide, was the second caller and reported that he and eight other locals saw an object, estimated to be 50-60 feet in diameter with flashing lights. They saw it pass over tree top level, so the locals were concerned about fire damage if flares were being dropped, hence, the phone call. Morgan also reported, “It started getting lower.” He claimed, “It must have landed out there in the forest.”

Clark, according to the log, notified the control tower Watch Stander to search toward the Silver Glen Springs area with binoculars. The Watch Stander reported stationary lights at an estimated attitude of 1600 feet in that area. Clark also reported checking with the Jacksonville Center for the possibility of commercial or military aircraft operations in the area. The Center responded that there was no information on known flight operations in the Lake George area where the Silver Glenn Springs campground is located.

Duty Officer Clark then summoned TD2 Timothy Collins from his barracks to begin the procedure of getting the sophisticated MSQ-102 tracking radar on line, which, at this time of the night, required a generator to be started, and then another 20 minutes was needed for it to warm up, in order to begin actual operation. As reported in the log at 11:00 p.m., a lock-on (for calibration purposes) was achieved on the watch tower, which was the nearest object.


, 31th May 2018