School children scared by alien spacecraft in Louisiana

On October 13, 1973, an unidentified flying object is appeared over Pontchoula, Louisiana. Children were scared by this alien spacecraft.

Eyewitness statement:

Saturday October 13th 1973, I was 13 years old. While on a high/Jr high church retreat for the weekend, I was with the youth minister and associate youth minister and approximately ten of my church class mates. We would lay and sit on the roof of an outcrop building and we would talk and gaze at the stars for hours at a time. I happened to come down from the roof for a few minutes when the class started yelling and pointing up at the sky. I stepped out into the field glanced up and saw blue-green lights in a cloudy mist, no sound, descending toward the ground. It descended to the top of the tree tops (pine trees) till about 100 feet above the ground. Though others witnessed more, the only shape I saw was the bottom lip of a round shaped object. It was protruding from the cloud, my view was a 10×2 foot section. It hovered for 2-3 minutes and then ascended straight up, while still shrouded in the mist. It continued for thousands of feet then disappeared. I joined the others back on the roof top, everyone was excited, and some were scared. About five minutes later we watched a red laser looking light about 10 feet off the ground move threw the distant wooded area as it circled our camp for about one hour and disappeared. I do not know how we all slept that night, because I was wide awake. Nothing happened after the red laser looking light disappeared. I have often wandered if it would just have been a couple of people with me, if we would have encountered the same beings as the Pascagoula abduction witnesses, whiched happened a few days before. I will never forget the episode and it changed my life in a positive way knowing we are not alone in the universe.

Source, 02th April 2018