Monster skeleton remains washed up on a beach in England

On March 4, 2018, the skeleton of a strange creature has been discovered on a beach in the borough of Flyde, Lancashire, England. What the hell is it?

Witness statement:

Guy's this washed up on the 4th March 2018 and I remember it well as I was the one who was told by my friend it was on the beach so he went with a camera and took these photos of it! I said to him if it's that weird get some images of it and boy am I glad that he did! The witness though wishes to remain anonymous so i'll just refer to him as Darren and he's given us (UFO SIGHTINGS FOOTAGE) the permission to use these images exclusively. You've gotta admit though that this is very strange indeed? It reminds me of other creatures that have washed up on the beaches of the world like the Montauk beach monster and some Mermaid remains etc? Are these the remains of some animal that has been genetically manipulated? Guy's it's up in the air as to what this is, I've not heard any definite or approximate identification but there's someone out there who knows exactly what this is, right? Somebody must of either seen this, raised this, made this (experiment) or something? What do you guy's think? It's skeleton is really weird and like nothing I've ever seen before?

Source, 27th April 2018