Glowing crescent-shaped UFO over Newburyport, MA

On March 31, 2018, a white bright UFO is appeared in night over Newburyport, Massachusetts. What the hell is it?

Witness statement:

This did not appear to us when we took the photo. My wife and I were out to dinner in Newburyport, Ma. We had just left the restaurant and were headed to a pub for a few drinks. My wife decided to snap a photo of the moon. Not a big deal.

What is weird is that the object that is visible in the photograph was not visible to the eye when my wife actually took the shot. We didn't see it until afterwards. It appears to have some sort of trail coming from the top of the moon, which leads to a clearly visible object above it. If you zoom in, you can see what looks like a series of lights grouped together in an arc.

It is hard to find any reliable distance or height estimation on this photo. It would be difficult to hazard a guess as to what was happening as far as that goes.

Anyway, thought you guys might want to see it. I had a friend who mentioned that I should send it your way. That's all I have.

Source, 05th April 2018