Giant UFO with multiple lights over New York City

On April 21, 2018, UFO with multiple lights is appeared at night over New York City, New Jersey.

Witness report:

My daughter and her husband and some friends when to see the skyline of New York City from Hoboken New Jersey on April 21st 2018 My daughter's husband took some pictures on one of them you can see the lights high on top of the empire state building, when he took the picture he looked to see how it came out and he showed the lights on the top of the empire state building and at the same time he looked across the river to Manhattan and he didn't see the lights he asked his friends also and no one could see it with the nake it eye but you can see the lights on the picture when you zoom in little and they have a shape, I have the picture.

Source, 24th April 2018


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Naked not nake it.. and it's New York, New York. Not New Jersey. Your typos and wrong information make this article EXTREMELY incredible. Therefore, I do not believe a single word of it. Learn your geography and learn how to write English...