Flying saucer circling an area over Orting, Washington

On March 29, 2018, a witness living in Orting, Washington, saw a disc-shaped UFO circling area after being awakened by dogs barking.

Witness report:

About 2200 hours I was awakened by my dogs barking. I went outside on my back patio to see what was causing my dogs to bark. I didn’t see anything in my yard but noticed a disc shaped object nearly overhead, moving without a sound, just above tree level. I initially thought it was an aircraft, but there were no lights or sounds, and it was circling my property. I couldn’t tell if it was glowing or reflecting the moonlight. I went inside and picked up my iPhone 8 and when I came back out it had completed a circle and was near where I first saw it. I took a picture, but the flash was on and washed out the photo. I turned the flash off and took the attached picture. I changed to video mode waiting for it to circle back around again, but did not see the object again. After about 10 minutes of waiting I went back to bed. I cropped the original photo and circled the object that I saw. At the time of the picture I estimate it was a few hundred yards away. The first trees in the picture are on the edge of my yard and about 50 feet from where I was standing.

No unusual feelings before, during, or after.

Source, 30th March 2018