Chris Pratt posts creepy video of a ghost

Chris Pratt, famous American actor, was spooked out by a swaying lamp. For him, it was a ghost that haunted his room in a New York hotel.

He has published a weird message on his Instagram account:

prattprattprattSo... I think I’m stayin in a haunted hotel room! Super cool. I think this lamp is moving. But also. I think maybe I’m just trippin. You be the judge. Is this lamp messin with me? Am I messin with you? Why everybody gotta be messin with everybody when we got ghosts running around willy nilly? Don’t seem right.

After that, a lot of people told their own ghost stories:

_shawnmylilmuffin_I remember a couple years ago I was In my room and next to my room we had like a little place too chill with a hugeee window...and if you looked out that window you could see the backyard... (we lived on a farm) and as I was in my room I heard the dog walk down there and started growling louder and louder I was like 12 years maybe and was curious so took a look when I walked around the corner she started to bark really loud and when I looked outside I saw like a weird figure, cuz I remember the day before when I walked pass the tree which was there to..I didn't felt comfortable I felt ugh scared... And as I looked in the tree it's direction I saw that weird figure and screamed and dog kept on barking and my parents were shocked so immediately ran at me cuz they were in the living room... And I told what I saw and my dad when outside cuz he wouldn't really believe me he just thought there was someone on our property after 5 min he came back and said I didn't saw anyone out there... True Story I got a lot of experiences

wilma.mans2018 Totally looks like it's moving. I grew up in a haunted house and if I could I'd totally buy and live in that house again.

Source, 12th April 2018