Bright cigar-shaped UFO over Benton Harbor, Missouri

On April 9, 2018, a UFO looks like a star is appeared in the night sky over Benton Harbor, Missouri. After aiming his scope at it, the witness noticed it was a cigar-shaped object.

Eyewitness statement:

This has been seen for DAYS if not weeks now. Looks like a very bright star hanging low in the northwestern sky. Brighter than Venus, which will set. This does not set.

There is an airport out that way and sometimes planes with bright headlights do look like UFOs so I haven't paid much attention to this until about a week ago when I just watched it and unlike the planes this never moves. Planes all eventually overhead, and they always make noise. This thing just hoovers there. For hours.

A few nights ago I lined up my sight against a fixed object and this thing actually tracked east ever so slowly. (Like watching the movement of the moon against say a pole.)

So tonight I dragged out my old telescope. In the scope this thing is NOT round at all. Looks like a dash in the sky, almost cigar shaped.

I got a few blurry shots, mind you my scope has fallen down a few times so might have issues. I tested it earlier by focusing on houses down the road in daylight and was able to focus it just fine.

Not sure I have it focused on this thing. Sky was still too light to see stars… (I will be trying again since this keeps showing up.)

Got it as sharp as I could, then just held my cell phone over the eyepiece. I tried with both of my two lenses, I'll attach the best from each. One photo shows one of our power lines in the field almost covering part of this. Blurry since that's so much closer but clearly not being scewed either.

Your form asks for dates… this thing has shown up for some time now. Possibly weeks.

Not in the exact same spot, but close. (Kinda rules out some kind of promotional light or balloon, not if it's repositioned so much.)

Saturday my neighbor, my daughter and I were all outside watching this thing. The night before it was further north and lower in the sky.

Last night was too cloudy

and tonight it's back to it's usual west northwest spot.

I have not witnessed where it goes but at some point it just vanishes. (My neighbor told me it just disappeared one time he was looking.)

I've contacted a few local astronomy places, maybe someone can get a better view. Hoping to hear back.

Source, 10th April 2018