At least 12 UFO seen over Philadelphia

On April 7, 2018, multiple bright objects were spotted over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in night. These UFOs appeared slowly in the north and were flying horizontally to the east.

Witness report:

Witnessed a bright red-orange light in the sky to the north, heading east, from the back yard. Thought it was a comet, but noted it didn't seem like it was falling to the earth. Rather it was traveling linearly; horizontally to the east at a uniform speed. Showed my wife before it blinked once and finally disappeared.

Another appeared. And then a sequence of 4, like the letter C, came. Then a sequence of 3. My wife watched and shot footage in front of the house. One or two more single orbs flew by.

They flickered like fires and would blink in an out at what seemed like the end of their path, so they disappeared, but not behind trees or buildings.

They produced no sound. It did not seem like a full ship, to me, but a series of lights in the sky on the same trajectory. I say this because the lights, from my vantage point, seemed random. Not like the Phoenix Lights, which sound similar.

Source, 09th April 2018