An automobilist shot a black square UFO over Cleveland

On April 7, 2018, an automobilist was driving on a road in Cleveland, Ohio, when he saw a floating square-shaped UFO.

Witness report:

Was driving work truck north on rt.77 towards downtown Cleveland when I saw what i first thought was a banner add, however i couldn't see an airplane and the shape was a very large square. The picture is from my cell phone while driving my truck. object appeared to be over Lake Erie. The object is a little hard to see, it is just right of the telephone pole. Sorry the best i could do while driving lol. If you have a idea of what this is, let me know. Oh this is not a piece of paper flying in the wind, as my son says. this object was probably about 2-3 miles away at least. and was decending

Source, 18th April 2018