An aircraft pilot has spotted 2 cylindrical objects in Arizona

On January 29, 2018, a witness was piloting an aircraft at 10,000 ft when he observed two separate contrails from two small cylindrical objects over Farmington, Arizona.

Witness statement:

Piloting an aircraft at 10,000 ft westbound over Farmington Ar. Witnessed two contrails emitted from two aircraft. First thought was single large jet then noticed the contrails where not perpendicular to one another. Upon closer inspection the two aircraft appeared cylinder/oval and where highly reflective. The contrails were being emitted cyclic or in pulses. Aircraft maintained there proximity to one another. I observed both aircraft as they continued in my direction from approximately 20 degrees above the horizon to 60 degrees for approximately 1.5 minutes. The aircraft appeared to be in a very steep climb. I estimate both ascended from 40k to over 90k in the given time and out of my sight.

I assume aircraft of unknown to me propulsion system with no distinction of typical wings.

Source, 31th March 2018