Alien spacecraft caught near Sun over Orchard Hills

On April 11, 2018, a witness saw a strange reflection from the setting sun over Orchard Hills, Australia. According to him, it was not a conventional aircraft…

Witness report:

I was out on my back porch.

I noticed an unusual reflected light that looked like a bright star, but bigger than usual.

I thought it looked like no conventional aeroform I know of.

I became excited and snapped a shot off on my phone. While looking at this to check I'd got it I looked back and the object had gone in a split second.

Highly unusual as it was a pretty clear sky and I didn't observe any onward travel.

It was like the sun setting caught something in the sky momentarily.

The photo made me take the sighting more seriously. Especially as houses included to give some sense of scale of this object.

Source, 19th April 2018

Mexico City: Ghostly customer terrorizes store staff

A witness has filmed a ghost inside a store in Mexico City. It was not visible to the naked eye. On this video, we can seen a door open by itself…

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 claims:

At first it started with things felling of the shelf but one member of staff wasn't having it and knew to grab her phone and filmed what was happening and she managed to catch the cooler doors opening and closing by themselves…

Source, 19th April 2018

An automobilist shot a black square UFO over Cleveland

On April 7, 2018, an automobilist was driving on a road in Cleveland, Ohio, when he saw a floating square-shaped UFO.

Witness report:

Was driving work truck north on rt.77 towards downtown Cleveland when I saw what i first thought was a banner add, however i couldn't see an airplane and the shape was a very large square. The picture is from my cell phone while driving my truck. object appeared to be over Lake Erie. The object is a little hard to see, it is just right of the telephone pole. Sorry the best i could do while driving lol. If you have a idea of what this is, let me know. Oh this is not a piece of paper flying in the wind, as my son says. this object was probably about 2-3 miles away at least. and was decending

Source, 18th April 2018

Strange blue UFO flying over his house in Decatur

On January 5, 2018, a witness saw a weird blue orb flying over his house in Decatur, Arizona. What is it?

Witness statement:

It was 9pm or a few minutes after and the orb passed over my neighbors home and dropped down in to right above my fenceline in the back yard. I ran inside an grabbed my phone to document the event. The orb was moving very slow and was silent, I observed it changing shape and looked like it had openings it was closing, I got closer as it was almost to the end of my fence and said "no wait, come back" it changed directions and came closer to me. It hovered there for a moment and then went back to the path it was on. It almost appeared to be a life form more than a mechanical device. I watched it continue the fenceline towards the water treatment plant were it went into the trees and stopped, turned red and the light faded to dark, as it was leaving my kids arrived from church a caught a brief view of it leaving our yard.

Source, 18th April 2018

Disk UFO near Space Station on April 13, 2018

On April 13, 2018, a glowing UFO was caught near the International Space Station. An ufologist noticed it on live cam.

Scott C. Waring claims:

This UFO appeared on live cam and spit out an orb that quickly came closer to the space station. As the orb left the main ship, it was visible. However its systems seem to become activated after it left, because it soon cloaked.

Aliens are not giving up on us, the public. They will continue to send small messages to us all at different locations around the world. When you see a UFO, its probably because they wanted you to see them, so take photos or video and share it, because they would like the public to be aware of them. Its the governments of the world that refuse to let the public know of the existence of aliens.

If you follow the link, then in that recorded ISS video go to the 2:44 mark, the UFO will be visible, then it disappears and the screen becomes green.

Source URL:

Source, 16th April 2018

Weird creature emerges out of police officer's leg

On April 11, 2018, a incredible video is appeared on YouTube. These images show us a strange tiny creature get out of a car when a police officer open the door.

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 claims:

As Los Angeles police officers are caught up in an standoff with this driver we can see this bizarre creature leaving the policeman's leg and scurrying out of view.

Source, 16th April 2018

A hunter sees a Bigfoot in Idaho, on October 2016

On October 7, 2016, a witness was hunting near the town of Pocatello, Bingham County, Idaho. He thinks he took a picture of a Bigfoot.

The man has told his story on BFRO website:

I was hunting in southeast Idaho in the fall of 2016. I saw a moose cross the road and took a few pictures of it. The moose was walking up hill into a brush patch. The moose put his head down as he went into the brush. I was taking pictures through my spotting scope. I was whistling to try to get the moose to stop so I could get a good picture. My whistles were returned by something. 5 whistles. I know it wasn't the moose that whistled back at me. There was something in that brush patch. I could see eyes in the brush patch. I got a couple pictures but they are fairly grainy pictures.

I found a 17" hair the year before near a dead moose. There are at least 4 dead moose or cows in this draw. These have been dead for at least a year. Bones are scattered about.

My Dad and his brother saw what they thought was a Bigfoot about 5-8 miles south from this location about 1945.

They said it was well above the willows. The willows were about 6 feet tall.

Screams have been heard.

Source, 15th April 2018

A ghost caught by a CCTV in Australia

On April 13, 2018, NSW Police Force, in Australia, has published weird video on their Facebook account. On these images, we can see the ghost of a janitor

This video has taken at police station car park.

New South Wales Police Force claims:

Wanting to know who'd left a garage in a police station car park open yesterday, police reviewed the CCTV - what it showed sent shivers down our spines....

Just before dawn, with the car park empty and quiet, a garage, that hadn't been used in days, suddenly starts to open of its own accord. With the door half open, a broom flies out, as if propelled by a 'spirited' janitor. It stays upright, then falls to the ground and gives one final kick, looking like it's in the final throes of possession.

A technician is currently inspecting the door. The 'possessed' broom sounds like a job for the Ghostdusters!

*Note: even though it's Friday the 13th, this is actual CCTV footage.*

Source, 15th April 2018

Flying saucers caught over Starks, Maine, in 1955

On July 15, 1955, multiple flying saucers were photographed over the city of Starks, Maine.

Witness report:

Obtained old black and white pictures from a friend who asked me to scan them, he gave permission to submit to MUFON for examination, originals came from an old hermit who lived in the area. Pictures probably from the 1950's or so but seem very detailed.

Source, 14th April 2018

Glowing flying saucer over Granada, Spain

On April 14, 2018, a witness has caught a strange picture of a glowing flying saucer over Granada, in Spain.

Witness statement:

Looking at a photo I took earlier today there appears to be a perfect white disk in the sky. It may be a cloud but there are no other clouds nearby and it is perfectly disk shaped which I find rather strange.

Source, 14th April 2018

Ghost captured in a old church in Michigan

Recently, a ghost was captured during investigation in a brewery located in Michigan. This place was in the past an old church.

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 claims:

Paranormal Expeditions conducted an investigation at a brewery in Southeast Michigan last month where cameras appeared to catch a ghostly figure flying through the air.Atwater in the Park, an extension of Detroit's Atwater Brewery, is in a church that dates back to the 1930s.Employees have had many interactions with ghosts there. Local 4's Alex Atwell had his camera rolling when an unexplained figure seems to cross through the air.

Thanks to Detroit Paranormal Expeditions & Alex Atwell

Source, 13th April 2018

Orange UFO taking off from mountains of Las Vegas

On April 9, 2018, orange UFO is appeared near Las Vegas, Nevada. This alien craft is taking off from mountains.

Scott C. Waring, ufologist, claims:

This video shows a Tall Whites UFO taking off from an underground base at Nellis AFB. The US gov exchanged land for technology a decade back and US gov has no regulation over them. They are superior in intellect and in ego. They are fearless and do not care if they are noticed by humans or not.

This is a wonderful video of a Tall White craft recorded by Steven Barone of Youtube.

Eyewitness states:

I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of April 9, 2018. MacDonald Ranch area of Henderson.

Source, 13th April 2018

Chris Pratt posts creepy video of a ghost

Chris Pratt, famous American actor, was spooked out by a swaying lamp. For him, it was a ghost that haunted his room in a New York hotel.

He has published a weird message on his Instagram account:

prattprattprattSo... I think I’m stayin in a haunted hotel room! Super cool. I think this lamp is moving. But also. I think maybe I’m just trippin. You be the judge. Is this lamp messin with me? Am I messin with you? Why everybody gotta be messin with everybody when we got ghosts running around willy nilly? Don’t seem right.

After that, a lot of people told their own ghost stories:

_shawnmylilmuffin_I remember a couple years ago I was In my room and next to my room we had like a little place too chill with a hugeee window...and if you looked out that window you could see the backyard... (we lived on a farm) and as I was in my room I heard the dog walk down there and started growling louder and louder I was like 12 years maybe and was curious so took a look when I walked around the corner she started to bark really loud and when I looked outside I saw like a weird figure, cuz I remember the day before when I walked pass the tree which was there to..I didn't felt comfortable I felt ugh scared... And as I looked in the tree it's direction I saw that weird figure and screamed and dog kept on barking and my parents were shocked so immediately ran at me cuz they were in the living room... And I told what I saw and my dad when outside cuz he wouldn't really believe me he just thought there was someone on our property after 5 min he came back and said I didn't saw anyone out there... True Story I got a lot of experiences

wilma.mans2018 Totally looks like it's moving. I grew up in a haunted house and if I could I'd totally buy and live in that house again.

Source, 12th April 2018

Aliens beam people and supplies to underground base in Texas

On April 6, 2018, an alien beam is appeared somewhere in the state of Texas. According to ufologist Scott C. Waring, aliens were transporting people to an underground base…

He explains:

Here is a great example of alien beaming in or out people, supplies and data to their underground base. Aliens do not always have patience and if they had waited and done this during a brighter day, they would have gone unseen. However aliens had to do it immediately, which makes me believe it was transporting people to the underground base.

Video states:

On April 6, 2018 an unknown beam of light coming from the sky near Rockwall, Texas and it is almost impossible but two days later on April 8 another beam of light coming from the sky in Phoenix.

Source, 12th April 2018

UFO at rocket launch in Baikonur cosmodrome

On March 21, 2018, incredible UFO was caught over Baikonur Cosmodrome, Russia. What is it?

Scott C. Waring claims:

While looking over some Russian rocket archives, I found a greenish UFO near a rocket upon its launch. This happened just a few weeks ago and as you can see, the UFO was semi transparent. It was cloaked, but the sudden burst of light from the engines reviewed its location for a few seconds. This is proof that aliens watch our technological growth carefully.

Its also possible that America has keep the alien secret so long because they are using the alien this green UFO to observe and record activities of their Russia. The country with the best tech, controls the world.

NASA photo link:

Source, 11th April 2018

Huge UFO uses clouds for camouflage over South Korea

An enormous unidentified flying object was filmed over a cloud in South Korea. According to some ufologists, UFOs use clouds camouflage.

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 has published these images on YouTube on April 11, 2018. It claims:

This is the kind of footage i love as i know that there are objects that hide or use the clouds for cover or as in this case camouflage to look like the very cloud itself. This footage was taken at sunset and i feel that the sun was at the right angle this is why the craft was so visible to the point as where we can see what looks like a viewing deck.

Source, 11th April 2018

Triangular UFO over Hudson Valley on April 2018

On April 6, 2018, a triangular-shaped craft was filmed over Hudson Valley, New York.

This video was published on YouTube by The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 with the following description:

While heading upstairs to answer the call of nature noticed this strange brightly lit object hovering in in the night sky. Witness states.

''It’s like 20 feet above the tree line from my perspective, and is in a triangle formation. Then while I’m death staring this thing out of curiosity, 2 shooting stars fall right next to it.

The footage and witness account was posted to Reddit by Darmelo

Source, 10th April 2018

Bright cigar-shaped UFO over Benton Harbor, Missouri

On April 9, 2018, a UFO looks like a star is appeared in the night sky over Benton Harbor, Missouri. After aiming his scope at it, the witness noticed it was a cigar-shaped object.

Eyewitness statement:

This has been seen for DAYS if not weeks now. Looks like a very bright star hanging low in the northwestern sky. Brighter than Venus, which will set. This does not set.

There is an airport out that way and sometimes planes with bright headlights do look like UFOs so I haven't paid much attention to this until about a week ago when I just watched it and unlike the planes this never moves. Planes all eventually overhead, and they always make noise. This thing just hoovers there. For hours.

A few nights ago I lined up my sight against a fixed object and this thing actually tracked east ever so slowly. (Like watching the movement of the moon against say a pole.)

So tonight I dragged out my old telescope. In the scope this thing is NOT round at all. Looks like a dash in the sky, almost cigar shaped.

I got a few blurry shots, mind you my scope has fallen down a few times so might have issues. I tested it earlier by focusing on houses down the road in daylight and was able to focus it just fine.

Not sure I have it focused on this thing. Sky was still too light to see stars… (I will be trying again since this keeps showing up.)

Got it as sharp as I could, then just held my cell phone over the eyepiece. I tried with both of my two lenses, I'll attach the best from each. One photo shows one of our power lines in the field almost covering part of this. Blurry since that's so much closer but clearly not being scewed either.

Your form asks for dates… this thing has shown up for some time now. Possibly weeks.

Not in the exact same spot, but close. (Kinda rules out some kind of promotional light or balloon, not if it's repositioned so much.)

Saturday my neighbor, my daughter and I were all outside watching this thing. The night before it was further north and lower in the sky.

Last night was too cloudy

and tonight it's back to it's usual west northwest spot.

I have not witnessed where it goes but at some point it just vanishes. (My neighbor told me it just disappeared one time he was looking.)

I've contacted a few local astronomy places, maybe someone can get a better view. Hoping to hear back.

Source, 10th April 2018

A man without a space suit filmed on the Moon

A strange man was filmed during the Apollo 16 mission. On this video, we can see the man without a space suit pick up something on the ground. Is it a proof that space missions are just hoaxes and that they were filmed in a movie studio?

At least 12 UFO seen over Philadelphia

On April 7, 2018, multiple bright objects were spotted over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in night. These UFOs appeared slowly in the north and were flying horizontally to the east.

Witness report:

Witnessed a bright red-orange light in the sky to the north, heading east, from the back yard. Thought it was a comet, but noted it didn't seem like it was falling to the earth. Rather it was traveling linearly; horizontally to the east at a uniform speed. Showed my wife before it blinked once and finally disappeared.

Another appeared. And then a sequence of 4, like the letter C, came. Then a sequence of 3. My wife watched and shot footage in front of the house. One or two more single orbs flew by.

They flickered like fires and would blink in an out at what seemed like the end of their path, so they disappeared, but not behind trees or buildings.

They produced no sound. It did not seem like a full ship, to me, but a series of lights in the sky on the same trajectory. I say this because the lights, from my vantage point, seemed random. Not like the Phoenix Lights, which sound similar.

Source, 09th April 2018

Weird UFO shot during Paris-Bilbao Flight

On April 5, 2018, a strange unidentified flying object was filming during Paris-Bilbao Flight. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

I can not give any logical explanation to what I recorded that night, in the second recorded video at about 10 minutes (when the ball of light appeared again) you can see the object more clearly and for a longer period of time.

In my opinion this object could be of an Biological Origin and not Metallic.. This Creature's light or glow could be Bioluminescence. People this is just my opinion but what do you guys think?

Source, 09th April 2018

Black UFO caught over the zoo of Salzburg, Austria

On April 7, 2018, a witness was visiting the zoo of Salzburg, Austria, when he caught a weird picture. When he looked image, he discovered a black UFO

Witness report:

Went for a walk between Palace Hellbrunn and the Zoo of Salzburg with my girlfriend and took a picture of the mountains in the distance.

At home I looked at all the pictures from that day and saw that there was an UFO in one of them. I couldnt see of hear it while taking the picture. The surface of the object is reflective and covered in shadow on the below.

Source, 08th April 2018

A triangular UFO found on Bing Maps

On April 8, 2018, a person living in Oklahoma, USA, has found an incredible triangular UFO on Bing Maps.

Witness statement:

This is a bing image I found, it is still there it was just so interesting that I thought of sending a picture - it is likely still on bing maps - this picture is not in the US but this form would not let me send it where it really is. The location is 500 miles off of the Chilean coast there are two islands the island closer to the coast of Chile is the island where this ufo can be found. not the island with the run way from COPIAPO go 550 or so miles into the pacific look up to two islands next to one another. Your search must be in bing it is a new satellite run. Lots of distortion of the clouds and electro magnetic interference or other. Likely us air craft or just a crazy glitch but interesting.

Source, 08th April 2018

2 glowing UFO spotted over Glastonbury, Connecticut

On April 7, 2018, a witness has photographed two luminous UFO flying over Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Witness statement:

Took pictures of sunset and these objects/lights appeared in one of my photos.

Source, 07th April 2018

Humanoid figure photographed on Mars, on March 25, 2018

On March 25, 2018, the rover Curiosity has caught a strange picture on Mars. On it, we can see a humanoid figure. Is this a proof of the existence of alien life?

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 claims:

Yet another stunning catch from the legendary George Burch. When he's not watching the space station's cameras he is studying pictures from the Mars Rover Curiosity and what a catch this is.... This is either a statue or it an lifeform on Mars.

Source, 07th April 2018

UFO spotted at sunrise over Ontario, Canada

On April 3, 2018, during sunrise, an unidentified flying object was filmed in Ontario, Canada. What is it?

Witness report:

I was filming the sunrise,

watched unusual number of what I thought were chemtrailers.

No feelings

Lost sight because I stopped because I was too cold.

Source, 06th April 2018

A ghost caught outside a Mexican Hospital

On March 30, 2018, a ghoslty figure and EVP ('Electronic Voice Phenomenon') was captured outside a Mexican Hospital.

This video was published by The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 on YouTube. He claims:

The witness states that as he was on break at work and chilling in his work truck, he notice a mist descending from his right and luckily he had enough time to film to the mist take the form of an person but you before this all takes place we can hear an eerie ''EVP''

The location is unknown and the footage was filmed by ''nikonhp''

Source, 06th April 2018

The Loch Ness Monster found on a beach in Georgia

On March 16, 2018, a mysterious sea creature was found on Wolf Island Beach, South Georgia, USA. This creature looks like the Loch Ness monster, right?

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 explains:

A man from Waycross, Georgia found his own version of the Loch Ness Monster on Friday while at Wolf Island.

Jeff Warren was out with his son on a boat near the Barrier Islands going around Wolf Island when he saw what he thought was a dead seal.

A large heron was pecking at the creature’s carcass, but Warren was able to get a picture and video of the creature.

Warren said he went to Skipper’s Fish House after and folks over there told him that there was a local legend named “Alty,” or Altahama, their own version of the Loch Ness Monster, in the area.

The creature is used in advertisements for Darien, Georgia, possibly as a means to attract people to the area.The sea creature, which has yet to be identified by a marine life expert.

Source, 05th April 2018

Glowing crescent-shaped UFO over Newburyport, MA

On March 31, 2018, a white bright UFO is appeared in night over Newburyport, Massachusetts. What the hell is it?

Witness statement:

This did not appear to us when we took the photo. My wife and I were out to dinner in Newburyport, Ma. We had just left the restaurant and were headed to a pub for a few drinks. My wife decided to snap a photo of the moon. Not a big deal.

What is weird is that the object that is visible in the photograph was not visible to the eye when my wife actually took the shot. We didn't see it until afterwards. It appears to have some sort of trail coming from the top of the moon, which leads to a clearly visible object above it. If you zoom in, you can see what looks like a series of lights grouped together in an arc.

It is hard to find any reliable distance or height estimation on this photo. It would be difficult to hazard a guess as to what was happening as far as that goes.

Anyway, thought you guys might want to see it. I had a friend who mentioned that I should send it your way. That's all I have.

Source, 05th April 2018

Two cars suddenly levitate in the middle of the traffic

A video recently emerged showing two cars levitating in the middle of traffic in an unidentified place.

Motorist films a ghost walking on road in Malaysia

On March 28, 2018, at night, a motorist has filmed a mysterious ghost walking on road in the district of Kulim, Malaysia.

The video was published on YouTube, on April 3, 2018. He explains us:

The footage was shot by a motorist as he made his way down a bendy rural road in the early hours of the morning.

His lights first pick up a woman walking slowly on the side of the track, wearing a gold skirt and red blouse.

Both the driver and passenger continue the journey seemingly unfazed by the sight.

But, moments later, another woman is glimpsed wearing the exact same outfit – a traditional garb known as a kebaya.

The car continues to make its way down the road before, a few dozen yards later, the same person is spotted once again.

And when it rounds a corner, a fourth incarnation of the figure in red seems to appear.

This time, it is standing right in the middle of the road and the driver finally loses his nerve.

He immediately reverses his vehicle and speeds off in the opposite direction.

The moment was filmed at 3.25am in the district of Kulim in the Malaysian state of Kedah.

Source, 04th April 2018

Giant UFO exits the Sun on NASA camera

On April 4, 2018, a giant UFO was caught on camera by NASA. This object seemed to exit the Sun.

Ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

This UFO was found by The Watcher of Youtube today. The UFO shows that is a long glowing cylinder and that it left a trail behind it that seems to come from the sun. The UFO was traveling at such a high speed that it appears to be long, but is probably just round or disk like. This is more evidence that UFOs can and do enter and exit our sun.

Source, 04th April 2018

Mostly Islamist refugees in Germany (testimony)

An Austrian television broadcast a report showing a Christian Syrian refugee who decided to return to his country.

According to his testimony, he left Syria to escape the Islamists. He went to Europe hoping to find freedom. However, he was reportedly interrogated unceremoniously by the German police and placed in a refugee camp with supporters of al-Qaeda and Daesh and where he would have been the only Christian.

The young man wonders about the future of Europe that became home to Islamists.

Source, 03th April 2018

Many orbs encountered over Changuinola, Panama

On August 15, 1994, some mysterious orbs were appeared over Changuinola, in the Bocas del Toro Province, Panama.

Witness statement:

We were sitting out side my house like we always used to. Every night we will sit out there and just dreamed about what we would do after we graduated high school, sometimes we will see an shoting star or a plane or satellite. They all have the same path straight line, but that night was different we saw like 20 plus lights just flighing around then. We saw this like missiles fire to each other there was like 20 plus objects in each side and it look like when they were showing the war in irag but live. We were watching that me and my friend and we were like what the heck is that . That lasted like 5 to 10 min. There were cameras or anything to record that at the time we were no that prIvelage. That was the first time we saw the lights . The second time we were at our local park in front of the school and we were like 3 or 5 of us just laying on the benches watching the sky and my best friend was did you saw that and I was like what the light and then it was gone and then he was like there it is again and we saw the light going faster than you could point your finger across the sky changing direction from north to south to east to west. It was crazy that lasted for about 5 min or so. I don’t know it was like 20 years ago. Thanks for looking at my case or events I hope to hear from you.

Source, 03th April 2018

Metallic UFO near Space Station on April 2018

On April 2, 2018, the ufologist Scott C. Waring found an alien object flying near Space Station.

He claims:

I was recording the glitch, which is a 10-30 second cycle that varies in time, but was made by NASA to deliberately cause frustration to the public so the viewers would give up watching the space station. However, as I was recording, I was surprised to see a UFO come from behind the station. I forgot to turn on my mic, so I had to remake the video again. This looks like a round disk. The disk flips at one point in the video, which was cool to see. This does look like an alien craft to me.

NASA video

Source, 02th April 2018

School children scared by alien spacecraft in Louisiana

On October 13, 1973, an unidentified flying object is appeared over Pontchoula, Louisiana. Children were scared by this alien spacecraft.

Eyewitness statement:

Saturday October 13th 1973, I was 13 years old. While on a high/Jr high church retreat for the weekend, I was with the youth minister and associate youth minister and approximately ten of my church class mates. We would lay and sit on the roof of an outcrop building and we would talk and gaze at the stars for hours at a time. I happened to come down from the roof for a few minutes when the class started yelling and pointing up at the sky. I stepped out into the field glanced up and saw blue-green lights in a cloudy mist, no sound, descending toward the ground. It descended to the top of the tree tops (pine trees) till about 100 feet above the ground. Though others witnessed more, the only shape I saw was the bottom lip of a round shaped object. It was protruding from the cloud, my view was a 10×2 foot section. It hovered for 2-3 minutes and then ascended straight up, while still shrouded in the mist. It continued for thousands of feet then disappeared. I joined the others back on the roof top, everyone was excited, and some were scared. About five minutes later we watched a red laser looking light about 10 feet off the ground move threw the distant wooded area as it circled our camp for about one hour and disappeared. I do not know how we all slept that night, because I was wide awake. Nothing happened after the red laser looking light disappeared. I have often wandered if it would just have been a couple of people with me, if we would have encountered the same beings as the Pascagoula abduction witnesses, whiched happened a few days before. I will never forget the episode and it changed my life in a positive way knowing we are not alone in the universe.

Source, 02th April 2018

A crop circle in Alling, Germany, in July 2015

This crop circle appeared in a wheat field in Alling, a municipality in Bavaria, Germany, on July 21, 2015.

(Photo: EPA)

4 UFO caught over Deming, NM, on September 2016

On September 11, 2016, a witness has caught a picture of four mysterious UFO without wings over Deming, New Mexico…

Witness report:


Source, 01th April 2018

Small flying saucer snapped over a road in Traverse City

On January 28, 2018, a woman was driving on a road in Traverse City, Michigan, while she took a picture of a small flying saucer.

Witness statement:

My girlfriend took a photo, driving down the road. She was unaware of the object at the time. After reviewing her photos later that day, she saw this object with lights beaming down, like it was scanning the ground.I have an another amazing happening I need to discuss if you are interested. Unreal.

Source, 01th April 2018

Metallic UFO over Don Torcuato, Argentina

On September 17, 2017, a man caught a strange picture over Don Torcuato, Argentina. On image, we can see a grey / metallic UFO in the sky flying near an airplane…

Witness report:

Mr. Miguel Shimizukawa , a relative of mine, took that photo and after a few months, while revising his flash cards, realized of this craft above the airplane.

Source, 31th March 2018

An aircraft pilot has spotted 2 cylindrical objects in Arizona

On January 29, 2018, a witness was piloting an aircraft at 10,000 ft when he observed two separate contrails from two small cylindrical objects over Farmington, Arizona.

Witness statement:

Piloting an aircraft at 10,000 ft westbound over Farmington Ar. Witnessed two contrails emitted from two aircraft. First thought was single large jet then noticed the contrails where not perpendicular to one another. Upon closer inspection the two aircraft appeared cylinder/oval and where highly reflective. The contrails were being emitted cyclic or in pulses. Aircraft maintained there proximity to one another. I observed both aircraft as they continued in my direction from approximately 20 degrees above the horizon to 60 degrees for approximately 1.5 minutes. The aircraft appeared to be in a very steep climb. I estimate both ascended from 40k to over 90k in the given time and out of my sight.

I assume aircraft of unknown to me propulsion system with no distinction of typical wings.

Source, 31th March 2018

Flying saucer circling an area over Orting, Washington

On March 29, 2018, a witness living in Orting, Washington, saw a disc-shaped UFO circling area after being awakened by dogs barking.

Witness report:

About 2200 hours I was awakened by my dogs barking. I went outside on my back patio to see what was causing my dogs to bark. I didn’t see anything in my yard but noticed a disc shaped object nearly overhead, moving without a sound, just above tree level. I initially thought it was an aircraft, but there were no lights or sounds, and it was circling my property. I couldn’t tell if it was glowing or reflecting the moonlight. I went inside and picked up my iPhone 8 and when I came back out it had completed a circle and was near where I first saw it. I took a picture, but the flash was on and washed out the photo. I turned the flash off and took the attached picture. I changed to video mode waiting for it to circle back around again, but did not see the object again. After about 10 minutes of waiting I went back to bed. I cropped the original photo and circled the object that I saw. At the time of the picture I estimate it was a few hundred yards away. The first trees in the picture are on the edge of my yard and about 50 feet from where I was standing.

No unusual feelings before, during, or after.

Source, 30th March 2018

Black diamond-shaped UFO over Haleiwa, USA

On March 20, 2018, a tourist caught a picture of a black UFO over Haleiwa, Hawaii with his LGV20 phone.

Witness statement:

While on vacation as a normal tourist I was taking pictures, I noticed this mountain in Halewia, Oahu with an unusal cloud hovering around it. Thinking it to be beautiful I took 3 pictures in succession. However, I was unaware I had captured this object until reviewing the photos when we retuned back to the beach house. It did not appear in the first photo but the last two photos.

Source, 30 mars 2018