Physical alien close encounter in Nebraska

On March 3, 2003, a witness was driving on a road near Omaha, Nebraska, when he noticed UFO in sky. Suddenly, an alien is appeared beside him! Very weird story, isn't it.

Witness report:

This was probably about my hundredth search for UFOs. Since about 2001, i have gone out driving near my home every once in a while. I have never, before this, encountered anything more than a probably a misidentified ball of light. Needless to say, I succeeded last Saturday night.

I was driving in a remote area of rural Douglas County, somewhere to the north of Elkhorn. When I first noticed the object was a disc of light in the sky off to the west. It disappeared after approximately 5 seconds. Approximately 30 seconds later, my car was engulfed in light. Almost immediately afterward, a large-ish (18-wheeler size?) disc of light similar to incandescent bulb warm light had landed in front of me.

After about a minute, a bright blue ball (then varying shape) of light (entity?) appeared in my car on the passenger’s seat next to me. It was about 6 feet tall and an irregular shape. The being(?) constantly varied in shape, although more or less taking the shape of the seat it was on. However, it never was anything other than a blue light.

About 30 seconds later, my car overheated, stopped, and nearly injured me. As soon as the car began to become insanely hot, the aliens and light disappeared. The temperature, according to the meter in the car, reached 114 degrees. I needed to open the door, which was now possible with the lack of aliens.

I cannot remember 1 hour before the incident. I am not available for contact.

Source, 08th March 2018