Metallic UFO over Busan, South Korea, in July 2012

On July 2012, a grey metallic UFO was caught over Busan, South Korea. A witness caught a video of it. Impressive…

Ufologist Scott C. Waring claims:

This UFO was in Yahoo news, but it was not a current sighting.

Now here is an interesting video of a UFO over South Korea, however I feel that I have already seen either this video, or a similar craft a few years ago on video.

Wait, I got it, this was something I reported back in 2012. Its a real video, and it is Busan, South Korea, it just that its not new, its from back in July 26, 2012. Below this video, I will place the real video from back in 2012 as proof. You compare. Don't be angry at the reporter, its an easy mistake with noobs on Youtube steal and repost old videos as new. Can happen to anyone.

Source, 28th March 2018