Large and weird footprint found in Ohio. Is a Bigfoot?

On August 13, 2017, a witness and his wife were walking on a trail near Hocking Hills, Ohio. They discovered a giant and mysterious footprint on the ground. Is this proof of the existence of Bigfoot?

Witness report:

My husband and I were walking a trail at Rockbridge State Nature Preserve. We stepped aside to let some fellow hikers walk through and I happened to notice on the other side of the trail (off the trail) an almost perfectly shaped large footprint. I showed my husband and we were stunned. We took the time to take some pictures and continue on. About 15-20 up the trail was a small tree that was broken in half and bent down. It appeared to be a fresh break and considering it was so close to the footprint we thought it was odd.

In same area, an other man heard large noises.

Source, 03th March 2018