Glowing UFO spotted over Maple Ridge, British Columbia

On March 10, 2018, early in the morning, a witness was smoking a cigarette in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, when he saw a bright light flying in the sky.

Witness statement:

It was early Saturday morning around 5:40am in maple ridge, B.C. I went out to my back porch to have a cigarette. I looked over towards the mountains and saw this bright white light flying towards me from the west. So I watched it for a few seconds and realized that this was the same light I saw the night before around 10pm. So I ran down stairs and got my camera and took ten pics as it flew over my street and the neighbors house. The reason I saw this the night previous was I was out smoking a cigarette again. Lol I just happened to be counting all the air planes that I could see in the sky, there was six to seven and then I saw this light to the west. Flying north from the south and then it just blinked out. So when I saw it in the morning I was not going to miss getting these pics so I could zoom in and see what I was. It was also not making any noise. I see Planes and helicopters all the time as I live in a big city. My feelings towards this object are that this was flying vary smooth and did not make one noise and to me that is not a conventional aircraft. So here I am writing this so all can see what is flying around are sky's.

Source, 15th March 2018