Glowing UFO comes out of side of Colima volcano

On March 12, 2018, a yellow cigar-shaped UFO was videotaped by a live cam over Colima Volcano, Mexico.

Scott C. Waring, from Taiwan, claims:

I have been watching Colima live cam for over 5 years and have recorded over 40 UFOs myself, but this one really takes the cake. Youtube user Tenshi Mex saw and recorded this UFO.

The UFO appears from below the ground through a hidden passage in the lower center of the volcano. The UFO hovers for a little bit as it exits the side of the volcano, then gets its engines or what ever propulsion set up and prepared, making a hard 180 degree turn flying over and past the mouth of the volcano!

This is hard evidence and needs to be acnowledged by the governments of the world. Colima is clearly a UFO hotspot with an alien base 4-5km below its surface. How do I know? I have said that for over 5 years! This UFO came from within the volcano, the evidence is undeniable.

Source, 17th March 2018