Black flying saucer over Managua, on February 2010

On February 13, 2010, a witness was in a hotel in Managua, Nicaragua. He caught a picture. Later, he noticed a black flying saucer on it.

Witness report:

As I went to breakfast on the hotel patio on 2/13/10, I was taking pictures of the hotel and landscaping. Before eating breakfast, I took the attached picture of the flowers that grew along the patio wall. It wasn't until I was showing the pictures to a friend of mine, much later, when he asked about the odd image in the upper left of the photograph.

I hadn't even noticed it up until that point. Now we both were curious, so he cropped and zoomed the image ( pics attached ).

As you can see, its a photo of a UFO. Notice the shape, the dome and the aura of distortion under the craft.

EXACTLY like the craft Bob Lazar claimed to have observed.

***These images have not been altered or photo shopped in ANY way. they have only been cropped and zoomed for better detail

Source, 22th March 2018