White UFO over Las Vegas on February 6, 2018

On February 6, 2018, a UFO with a glowing trail was caught over Las Vegas, Nevada. The video was published on YouTube 'Escape Your Cubicle'.

Witness statement:

I go outside about 6:20pm this evening and look up to see a weird glowing orb way up in the sky, probably out of the atmosphere, and moving too slow to be a plane or satellite it seems like. The object looks "fuzzy" and not crisp like the light coming from the stars or planes at the time. What is the weird fog that is around it? The sky is clear. I didn't think this was a rocket because they normally launch from CA or FL and I wouldn't think they would be visible from here. I check the news, and notice a SpaceX rocket launched from Florida this evening. It must be that! Crazy to see it from Vegas. Must have already gone around Earth once and coming back around this way? Doesn't seem to be moving in right direction if I am seeing it directly after it's launch. And this is about 7pm I am seeing it in the sky in this video. Cool!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKaS0Nlr0QQ, 10th February 2018