UFO spotted during the launch of a Japanese rocket

On January 18, 2018, during the launch of a Japanese rocket, a UFO is appeared in the sky. What really happened?

Scott C. Waring, ufologist, claims:

During the recorded launch of a Japanese rocket, a UFO was seen flying past the rocket at high altitude. This being a no fly zone to keep aircraft safe is further proof that this was an alien craft. If you compare the size of the UFO with that of the rocket, you will see the UFO is over 20X the size of the rocket. Thats big!

UFO Today states:

Rocket to put a commercial planetary observational satellite into earth's atmosphere. The launch went perfectly, but during the launch a strange mysterious craft was filmed. This UFO was flying at the same altitude as the rocket. It was moving along with the rocket as it started it's orbit arround earth. What was this object?

http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2018/02/japanese-rocket-followed-by-ufo-on-jan.html, 07th February 2018