Possible landed UFO photographed in Illinois

On January 6, 2018, a young girl saw a frightening UFO land in a field in Momence, Illinois.

Witness report:

My sister (handicapped) takes pictures all the time of nature and the sky. There had been several orbs in pictures, and what I think are drones.

We had been seeing blinking lights in the sky and what looks like stars, but those “stars” flash red blue and green lights it seemed, but they would also move. Both of us tried to take a picture of what we thought was a drone, but the pictures came out like orbs.

She has a bunch of odd looking things, but she zooms in so much I’m sure some of the pictures are distorted. The morning she took the pictures I’m sending, she initially noted the light coming through the window, and as she drew a little closer to the window, she thought it was a trailer of some kind.

The object did not move at all. There was no sound., no movement of any kind, no change in the lights.

She states “I felt fearful.” “I knew it didn’t belong there.”

This is across the street from us; an elderly lady lives there, and the neighbor has been staying with her sister taking care of her, so she was not home, and the object was in her yard. My sister takes in her mail and watches the house for her while she’s gone.

My sister took the pictures and when she realized what she thought it was, stopped taking pictures and came back into the kitchen, she did not show me the pictures until later.

When she gets really scared she keeps things to herself for a little while till she can talk about it. This was a Saturday, I don’t think she showed me the pictures till Sunday or Monday night. She did not want to see what it did, just didn’t want to see it anymore, so we have no idea how it left.

In the beginning she couldn’t even say that she thought it was a space ship, just said it was a “vehicle” and that it wasn’t “ordinary.”

I agreed that it looked space-ship like, and suggested we send it to MUFON, to help us identify what it really is. Thank you for taking the time to read this and look through the pictures. I will include a few orb pics as well, the drones as well. Again, thanks much for looking at this.

http://www.ufocasebook.com/2018/possible-landed-ufo-photographed-in-illinois.html, 05th February 2018