Grey flying saucer caught over buildings in Brazil

On December 2, 2017, a man took a picture of a metallic flying saucer near buildings somewhere in Brazil. What is it?

Witness statement:


My name is Marco Solano and after searching the web for your contact, I am sending this message to verify the possibility of receiving your information and guidance on sending a photo I took in the Center of Porto Alegre now in the month of December.

I took 3 photos from the terrace of a 14 story building where a business event was taking place.

Between my cell phone and the horizon above other buildings there were no windows, as I opened the windows well to take the pictures and send them to my wife who was at home.

At first I had not noticed anything .... Just the City Center ... the high-rise buildings and the very clean sky near noon.

Remember I took 3 photos from different angles. (Directions).

In 1 of them after giving ZOOM by phone, something appeared that the naked eye was not at the time I had taken the photo.

Nor is the place an airplane route.

Next to and above the larger building, after giving ZOOM, an "unidentified" "object" appears.

As if I were exercising "some trajectory" that I am absolutely sure that there is nothing there at the moment, because before taking the photo, I tried to verify a building where I lived when single. So I emphasized that there was no object to the naked eye at that moment.

Pictures in the Annex (1 Original Photo and 1 Photo copy, edited with red arrow).

In the Original Photo, go to Properties and click on Details = It will appear all the technical data of the photo ... Sansung J2 Galaxy Prime G532MT, etc.

Awaiting return.

I remain at your disposal.

Thanks in advance.

Source, 28th February 2018