Glowing UFO over Fountain Hills, Arizona

On March 2014, a witness has caught a strange picture in Fountain Hills, Arizona. He noticedweird bright UFO on it…

Witness report:

Original event date: March 8 2014 at 4:40pm

While on vacation in the Phoenix area in March of 2014 my girlfriend and I were being escorted on a sightseeing drive with friends. My girlfriend was taking random pictures of homes in the area and I asked to see some of her photos. Ironically, I had watched a documentary on the Phoenix Lights a month or two before after stumbling upon it on Netflix. It seemed suitable prior to my first visit to Arizona lol. After glancing through some of my girl's photos I noticed a peculiar thing in one. In the picture, taken at approximately 4pm, is two houses with a clear blue sky in the background. Above the house on the left is six white spots in a slight vee pattern in the sky. After seeing the photo we looked around the inside of the vehicle to see if something could have cause a glare on the window and have simulated that in the pic and found nothing. I asked my girlfriend if she had ever heard of the Phoenix Lights before and she said she hadn't. My friend, who was familiar with the Lights (not firsthand) and had friends that had seen other similar phenomena, looked at the photo and was immediately intrigued. After showing my girlfriend a photo of the Phoenix Lights sighting (found on Google) and comparing it to the on she took we noticed similarities. We have no idea what is in the picture, but it is quite obviously something. I have examined this photo many times an am no further ahead in explaining it.

I should have sent this to you sooner, but I wasn't aware of your organization and only found out from a friend while telling this story. I was hoping you could offer some insight and explanation to what's in this photo. Unfortunately, my girlfriend never never noticed the objects when taking the picture and so only took the one pic.

Although this report is made after the fact, the date and approximate time of the event have been determined based on the image file's date and time stamp. The photo was taken on a Samsung G3 cell phone with no filter. Nothing has been done to alter the image and you are more than welcome to thoroughly inspect it. It is just as I received it and originally viewed it. I regret that our geo-tagging feature was disabled because we had our phones switched to 'airplane mode' to avoid accidental roaming charges. I have no way of telling you the exact location the photo was taken other than it was the Fountain Hills/Phoenix area. I hope you can keep us in touch with your findings. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. I ask that, if used, credit be given to the owner of this image, Thanks :)

Source, 17th February 2018