Blue-pulse UFO seen over Trang, Thailand

On January 31, 2018, a large blue-pulse UFO is appeared in night sky over Trang, Thailand.

Witness report:

In Trang, Thailand whilst photographing the Blood Moon 8:15pm January 31 2018, there was UFO activity for approx 1hr30mins to 2hrs SE of the moon about 25deg elevation. I estimate the location of the objects to be off the coast, direction of Satun. There were 3 other witnesses to this event.

To the naked eye, only the larger craft Blue pulses were visible. The object moved around an area perhaps 10x10 the size of the moon, changing direction abruptly and at speed, traceable by the blue pulses.

The object was still visible after nearly 2 hrs, coinciding with the Blood moon event.

The original video footage taken on a Sony HX400V camera clearly shows 2 craft in sync'd maneuvers with the smaller Orb craft returning a white flash to the blue pulse emitted from the larger craft. The uploaded Youtube footage has lost some of the highlights with a reduced number of Pulses/flashes visible.

The video title is "Blood Moon 2018 UFO footage, Mothership and White Orb craft Comms in sync."

Source, 02th February 2018