Alien footprints found in soil in Mims, Florida

On January 29, 2018, an inhabitant of Mims, Florida, has discovered strange alien foot print in soil.

Witness statement:

I was walking the property of my farm as i always do, just a check to make sure everything is okay, as i made my way up the dirt i couldn't help by notice a deep indention in the mud that was not there the day before, or before i turned in for the night. it was the shape of a small foot sunken into the fresh mud from the evening rain. i think it was some kind of print from a flexible boot. it measured about seven inches in length and at its widest point ( what would be the ball of the foot) 3 inches. i was taken back, almost like an excitement of shock. you see we have no small children on our farmland, and i don't think a very small child would come in the middle of the night on dark farmland during heavy rain showers. i also know for certain it is not an animal track. within the print you can see the edges are 100% smooth (edge of boot) what would be the sole, one can see like one solid marking from heel to toe, it has a curve as like your gym shoe along the side the side, and it also has lines almost like a strange traction. immediately i called my wife out, we began to take photos and videos. we then went to a hobby store and bought plaster cast material. i was able to pull a mold of the print, the ball of the foot, arch and heal is able to be easily seen. almost as if it was a highly flexible boot or something. we are located very, very close to the kennedy space center and launch pads, a lot is seen and heard in these skies and i have never thought twice, but with this print, we have an uneasy feeling, i feel certain the print is from something we have not seen on this earth. we def. are cautious on our farmland at night now.



  1. Big Cats said...:

    I have a print almost exactly the same and the same size. In fact I have a print of both left and right.