A strange bipedal creature crossing a road in USA

On September 4, 2011, a family saw a strange humanoid creature crossing a road in Clallam County, Washington.

Witness report:

The sighting was the creature crossing the LaPush Road. We were shocked and do not recall the exact mile marker closest. However, it was on a 90 degree (or close to) turn in the road.

The area that the creature entered was so thick it would be hard to enter, however, it had no problems. Not only this but off the road there are large ditches a person would have to jump. This was agile, tall and took 2 steps that took him off the road and into the woods. The stride was sooo long!

We know that at least two other persons other than in our car saw the creature because everyone was driving oddly as to not hit it. There were three in our car. I saw the creature, the driver also but not as detailed as he was defensive driving because of the chaos.

The creature was coming from a "logged off." The logging was not recent there was light underbrush starting but mainly open. Across the road the creature stepped off paved road and into very thick underbrush and woods. It was extremely heavy underbrush. It was morning and sunny, and clear.

Others stories: My spouse is a hunter that has smelled him. I have another person that was in my life that claimed a sound they experienced they attributed to this creature.

One of my children at age 8 told me they saw one in a logged off near dusk one evening on 101 from Port Angeles to Forks WA.

We live in an area with a multitude of reported sightings.

I never ruled it out this forest is vast. It would take ego to claim we are familiar with all possible wildlife out there.

Now I know…

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