A mother and her daughters saw amazing alien craft

On February 3, 2018, a family living, a rural area in Alberta, Canada, saw strange unidentified light in the sky over High River.

Witness report:

I live in a rural area, it is very dark at night, my daughter and I were driving down the highway at around 8:45pm, it was clear but higher up the sky was cloudy. My daughter noticed 3 beams of blue light coming out of a huge cloud shaped like oval and going into another cloud below. I was looking for a source for these beams. I could not find any, it was as if they were suspended beams of light, but with absolutely no light on the ground. My daughter said mom, I bet you it is a UFO and it is hiding in that cloud! Quick take a picture! so I did. The first one my flash was on so it flashed back at me, I turned off my flash and took the 2nd and 3rd pictures with no flash. We then continued on our way saying to each other “well that was odd”. After getting home I forgot about the pictures until the next day, when I looked at them I was dumbfounded! I must say that when I was taking the pictures, I was in the passenger seat of my car pointing my camera on my phone out and angled up to the sky through my windshield, (there were no lights on inside my car) the first picture has a small illuminated area, but if you zoom in on the 2nd picture you can see the craft with 6 orange lights, then look below it and a little to the right and you will see 2 areas of illumination. If you zoom in there you can see an outline of a form… my daughter says it looks like a stick man and a cow. I should also say that this “craft” was stationary over a beef processing plant. When I was taking the picture I did not see the orange lights only the blue beams. I am left feeling like “what in the world did I just see”?

http://worldufophotosandnews.org/?p=19378, 13th February 2018