A dark flying saucer caught over Ocean View, Hawaii

On October 9, 2017, a person living in Ocean View, Hawaii, was watering plants in his garden when he took a picture of the sky. By watching it, he noticed a black flying saucer

Witness statement:

I did actually see this object until a couple days after taking the pic. I was watering some plants in the garden at the bottom of Manua Loa located on the big island of Hawaii when I decided randomly to take a picture of the sky with my cell phone without looking at the sky or the screen on my phone. Personally, I believe this is why I caught the object in the picture, but that's just my opinion. I take many photos of the sky, mostly of clouds that I find interesting, that being said, I don't really look at them in detail for days or sometimes weeks for that matter.

I viewed this particular set of photos the following day due to the strange anomalies in the clouds, at least what I believe we're anomalies. I thought it was coincidental that I was researching time travel just days before, while contemplating the notion of using the sun as a wormhole to travel to different dimensions. I noticed that the beam (flare) comimg from the sun appears to be in the 19.47 vicinity and then noticed the object towards the end of it, along with a very interesting "dragon head" shaped cloud facing it. After zooming in on the object, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't something on the lens of my camera nor was it any type of bird, at least that I have ever noticed while living on the island. The clouds were stranger than usual days before and after this day the photo was taking.

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