A Bigfoot seen in Fulton County on July 1969

On July 12, 1969, three witnesses have seen the Bigfoot near the cities of Brereton and Norris, in Fulton County, Illinois.

Witness statement:

Was at a creek where I hung out almost every summer with my brothers and friends. Was probably sometime in July,1969. there was a huge tree about 300 ft. from a bridge that went across the creek. Myself and 2 younger brothers were on this bridge on our bikes. I saw something big in that tree 300 ft. away. I kept an eye on it, then I saw something same size as a full grown chimp. About 4 ft. tall, swinging from limb to limb and just playing in the tree. I told my brothers, look at that huge monkey!. We sat and watched it for 5 incredulous minutes. I could't believe my eyes. All of a sudden, I had this incredible over whelming sense of terror. Didn't see anything threatening; just felt terrified. I told my brothers we have to go and right now! I made them follow me and on the way up, my middle brother said go fast! There is a man chasing me. he was in the rear of us. We rode as fast as we could about a half mile home and he said it was a strange hairy man chasing us. I think it was a bigfoot protecting its young in the tree. It just chases us off. I didn't go back to that creek the rest of the summer. Scared me to death.

Photo:Columns from the old courthouse in Lewistown, Illinois, by Kenrossalex- Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

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