Spherical-shaped UFO spotted over Vancouver, Canada

On October 14, 2016, an unidentified object was shot over Vancouver, Canada. This luminous UFO was flying in the sky.

Witness report:

The sighting was actually noticed just over a year after I had actually taken the photograph because I had no idea I had actually captured the visual phenomenon. On the date the photograph was captured I was at home playing online games with my friends after school since it is a common pastime for us. At around 5:30 I had decided to microwave some leftovers for myself so I proceeded into our kitchen which looks out onto our deck via french doors and a small window above the sink. When preparing my food and washing the utensils I noticed that outside clouds had set just over the sun creating a very interesting refraction effect with the light rays, deciding that the scene was quite pretty I went outside to take a picture of it, and that was the end of it until the christmas of 2017 when my grandfather was staying with us. I was clearing my gallery and was debating deleting the picture in question when I noticed what appeared to be a blue lens flare of sorts in the upper right corner of the image just inside the cloud cover. Upon closer inspection it appeared to be a spherical possibly oval object with white lights lining the surface casting a bluish-green glow on the object's surface. The object appeared to be slowly ascending towards the south judging by the slight trail the surface lights made. When I realized that the object appeared to be a UFO I showed the image to my grandfather because he is convinced on the notion of "aliens visiting earth" and would be surprised and entertained by the image. To him the image appeared very convincing and at the time he was stunned. Personally I'm not as convinced about the aforementioned notion so I was simply entertained by his reaction to the image. Fast forward to the day this statement was written (January 30 2018) my grandfather, myself and my uncle were all in attendance at a dinner where my grandfather brought up the subject of my photograph. Piquing the interest of my uncle I showed him the image in question and similar to my uncle he was shocked by the spherical object, and afterwards he directed me to this website to submit the image.