Multiple bright UFO shot over Portsmouth, UK

On January 9, 2018, a witness was heading home to see his family in Portsmouth, UK. He caught a picture where appeared several unidentified lights.

Witness statement:

I was heading home to see my family after christmas and I thought I would take a picture of the spinnaker tower in Portsmouth harbour to post up to social media announcing I was back in the area. I went up to the top deck of the ferry and stood outside to take the picture. It was only after I had taken the picture that I noticed the strange red/orange coloured lights in a triangle formation to the right of the tower. I looked around and could not see the lights a few minutes after the picture had been taken. I checked to see if there was building work, but the hight of the object not only appears to be too high but the area it is in is over water. there was a small amount of cloud cover and the white light to the side must be a bright star.