Green UFO caught on Christmas morning

On December 25, 2017, on the morning, a couple was driving on a road in Galveston, Texas. The woman has caught a picture of sunset where appeared a strange green UFO.

Witness report:

On Christmas morning approximately around 8:30 am,my husband and I were in Galveston,Texas to celebrate with family. We were driving down Seawall Blvd. approaching 61st Street. I had my husband stop (he stopped our auto facing the pier) so I could get out and take pictures of the sunrise to send to other family members who were not in Galveston. I stood on the seawall sidewalk taking a series of pictures with my Apple iPhone SE. I stood in the same place and position,as I rapidly took several pictures.
Later that evening when I was reviewing the pictures I had taken that day, I noticed the greenish orb on 3 of the pictures. It was apparent it was moving eastward and upward when compared to the clouds and using the pier house as a reference point. Again I emphasize I stood still in the same position just taking picture after picture in quick succession. When
I enlarge the object, I am able to see a grid pattern and what is either windows or some type of white orbs docked on it. I do notice in the succeeding pictures the white lights or orbs seems to be moving around the green object and are not stationary.
What is strange to both my husband and me is that neither of us saw this large object with our eyes. He was facing the pier waiting for me in the car and I scouted out what I wanted in the pictures prior to taking them. Also, no other pictures that I took that day or even later has this object showing, so I have ruled out any dust or dirt on my camera lens.
I am attaching 4 pictures by time sequence. The 1st picture has nothing showing. The next 3 pictures do.