EBANI or UFO shot over Key Largo, Florida?

On January 17, 2018, during sunset, UFO with multiple lights was caught over Key Largo, Florida.

Witness statement:

Same as above. I didn't notice the object until 10 days later as I was posting pics. In the past, as I was heading down to the keys , in the same area, where no one lived and it is shallow w some vegetation, I noticed a light emitting a glow from the ground. It peaked my curiosity, and I kept thinking, what is lit up over there. Maybe it's a ship
I noticed a sheriff car parked on the opposite lane. I love watching your mufon shows, and in the past, I saw a triangle above an estuary in New Jersey, where there are no houses. I was rather tired and I wasn't sure but the next day on the radio, it mentioned sightings. When I saw this pic, I was shocked, and was hoping your brilliant team would be able to help me decipher this image. I also have another image taken a minute before showing nothing as I was driving. Thank you so much for all your time and efforts regarding this matter.